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Wishing Candle Holders ❤️ - Versatile: Each Wishing Candle Holder is suitable for regular tea candles as well as small LED flameless tea lights.

Clear Wishing Candle Holder ❤️ - Perfect for Fall Decor: The clear wishing candle holder is perfect for fall weddings, home decor, dinner parties, holidays (Halloween, Christmas) and special occasions, adding a glamorous brilliance and old-time elegant look to any table setting.

Glass Candelabra ❤️--Antique Metal Finish: The mercury speckle effect on the candelabra will enhance the natural warm light of the candle, giving it a vintage yet timeless look. Use these beautiful glass wishes as part of an overall decor or as a treat for your guests.

Bowl Candle Holder Glass ❤️--safe and long lasting: Dishwasher safe. Each clear candle holder features thick glass walls and a weighted base to prevent it from overheating or cracking, giving you a heartfelt golden glow for long periods of time in your life.

Glass Candle Holders ❤️--No Damage: Each glass candle holder is stored separately and carefully wrapped to avoid damage.

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Hanhua company can provide you with better service and high-quality products:

1. Glass bottles of different colors and sizes are available, and caps can be customized according to customer requirements


2. Various types of glass bottles are produced, such as crystal glass perfume bottles, cosmetic glass bottles, wine glass bottles, nail polish glass bottles, essential oil glass bottles, water glass bottles, medical glass bottles, etc.

3. We are the manufacturer and can offer you a lower price and will send the goods according to the agreed time.

4. We have excellent product processing capabilities, including cold frosting, painting, printing, bronzing and polishing services.

5. We also provide various cosmetic packaging products, aluminum plastic nozzles and other related products. (samples can be provided).

6. We can make sure the package is safe and deliver the bottle to you on the same day we promised, if we delay, we will give you the bottle for free.

7. Different products have different prices, welcome to inquire.


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