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What are the requirements of glass bottle for silk screen printing process?

Nowadays, people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and their requirements for quality of life are also becoming higher. In order to meet the needs of consumers, the glass bottle has also applied the silk screen process. So, what are the requirements for the silk screen printing process for glass bottles? Let's take a look at it with me below, I hope it will help you.


1. Generally, it is used as a graphic and text label processing process for packaging products, which has an important impact on the product image, so it has higher technical requirements.

2. Silk screen printing on glass bottles: For silk screen printing on blank transparent or frosted or sprayed bottles, high temperature ink should be used. After coloring, it will be baked at high temperature. It will not fade and not easy to scratch. The first manufacturer to carry out silk screen printing is generally more than 5,000 pieces, the fee for less than 5,000 pieces is 500 yuan/style/color, and the amount for more than 5,000 pieces is calculated at 0.1 yuan/color time.

3. In the design, no more than 2 colors should be considered. The film should be negative. The text, pattern and lines should not be too thin or too large, which may easily cause broken lines or ink accumulation. Proofing should be confirmed before mass production to avoid Color differences appear.


4. If the frosted glass bottle is wrongly printed, it can be re-polished and printed again, and the processing fee is 0.1 yuan - 0.2 yuan per piece.

5. The same color printing of the round bottle is counted as one color, and the flat or oval shape is calculated according to the number of printed surfaces and the number of printed colors on the printed surface.

6. Plastic containers are divided into ordinary ink and UV ink screen printing. UV ink is widely used. The characters and pictures have a three-dimensional effect, are more shiny, not easy to fade, and can print multi-color effects. The starting quantity is generally more than 1,000.

7. The screen printing fee for glass bottles and plastic bottles will be charged. If it is a new specification packaging bottle and the screen printing factory does not have the corresponding fixture, the fixture fee will be charged, but this fee can be deducted by doing a certain amount of silk screen printing. For example, the business volume is over 2 More than 10,000 yuan can be exempted from this fee. Each manufacturer has different conditions. Generally, the screen printing fee is 50-100 yuan/piece, and the fixture fee is 50 yuan/piece. The hot stamping fee is 200 yuan/piece.


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8. Proof before batch screen printing, and then produce after confirming the effect of graphic and text screen printing. After confirmation, the production adjustment period is 4-5 days, depending on the difficulty and quantity of screen printing.

9. Usually the silk screen printing factory has bronzing, hot silver and other processing techniques, and the silk screen printing methods include manual, mechanical screen printing, pad printing and sticker pad printing and other technologies.

10. When producing and using silk-screened bottles, care should be taken to avoid excessive handling or collision, to avoid the effect of embroidered silk-screen printing, and to choose a reasonable disinfection method during production.

11. The minimum cost of silk screen printing is 0.06 yuan/color, but special attention should be paid to the fact that the screen printing is not good enough to achieve the expected design effect, and the whole batch of containers may be scrapped. Screen printing can be screen-printed according to the percentage of spot color to achieve rich colors.

Post time: Apr-28-2022