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30ml reusable clear spice glass jar with lid

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【Premium Thick Glass Jar】Our spice jars are made of thickened glass and have a square shape with high transparent visibility. Food grade, lead free and dishwasher safe. Food grade glass is healthy for food ingredients, completely free of BPA and lead, and safe to use against shattering.

【Dual Function Shaker Lid】For powders and herbs, we have a special shaker lid for jars with two types of lids. One is porous and used for powder grinding of spices and the other is used for turning herbs and grains. It can be used according to the type of fragrance. Additionally, the airtight metal lid provides dust-proof storage for spices. Keep your herbs fresh longer.

【Waterproof Spice Label】Contains almost every spice and food related content you could possibly need. The label is neatly affixed to the jar for a more aesthetically pleasing and coordinated look.

【Convenient and Multipurpose】Use our modern designed square glass jars to organize drawers, seasonings, store spices, salt, sugar, pepper, herbs, apothecary and more! These glass jars can be used for a variety of purposes, such as party favors, craft or office supplies, decorative projects, or homemade goodies. If you cook for yourself and your family, this glass jar is a must for everyday use.

【Package includes】Metal sieve cap and silver metal cap, the opening is wide enough to put the spices directly into the bottle.

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Hanhua company can provide you with better service and high-quality products:

1. Glass bottles of different colors and sizes are available, and caps can be customized according to customer requirements


2. Various types of glass bottles are produced, such as crystal glass perfume bottles, cosmetic glass bottles, wine glass bottles, nail polish glass bottles, essential oil glass bottles, water glass bottles, medical glass bottles, etc.

3. We are the manufacturer and can offer you a lower price and will send the goods according to the agreed time.

4. We have excellent product processing capabilities, including cold frosting, painting, printing, bronzing and polishing services.

5. We also provide various cosmetic packaging products, aluminum plastic nozzles and other related products. (samples can be provided).

6. We can make sure the package is safe and deliver the bottle to you on the same day we promised, if we delay, we will give you the bottle for free.

7. Different products have different prices, welcome to inquire.


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